What Women Want

Content from Sincerely Sandy

Since the days of Adam and Eve men and women have struggled to get along. Why is it that two people of the opposite sex have such difficulty living together? I donít know what men want from a relationship, I hope it is not someone to wash their dirty socks and fix them gourmet meals. I honestly canít say what a man wants in a relationship, but from a womenís point of view I can tell you what a woman wants.

First of all a woman wants a strong Christian husband. She wants a man that the loves the Lord and lives his life accordingly. A woman wants a man that cares deeply about morals, promises, and being a good example. A woman wants understanding when the chores of raising children and housework drag her down. Something as simple as filling the bathtub and lighting a few candles does wonders for a woman when her husband does it for her. I know I had that once and I felt so loved and cared for.

All the material things in the world cannot win a womanís heart. A woman can fall in love all over again when a man stops to help an elderly person load groceries in a car. Nothing made my heart soften as it did when my husband stood in front to the church and lead the sweetest prayer. Women want to be understood when she is confused and really doesnít understand herself. A woman wants to know that she is loved and treasured and in return she can love and treasure her husband.

Women need guidance from their man when it comes to the Bible and Christianity. Studying the Bible and worshipping together strengthens the love between too people. I realize that are many women that choose not to married nor have the need to depend on a man. God did not intend for everyone to be married, but he did intend for the ones that are married to work together.

I watch my sonís in their marriages. They do things that my daddy would have never done. They care for the children, they mop floors, they do laundry and they study the Bible with their wives. They represent what women really want. I am proud of the men they have become.

Women are really not that hard to pleaseÖthey just want a man that loves God and adheres to the teachings of the Lord.