Content from Sincerely Sandy

During the last week I have talked with four of my friends that are caring for their mothers. I have listened to all the horror stories of the aged. I am so blessed that my own mother is still going strong, acting like a fifty year old.

My mother is fighting “old age” with vengeance! When her eyes grew dim with macular disease she gave up counted cross stitch and learned to knit. When the numbers on cards got too small for her to see, she bought bigger cards. She is on the top of the list for every best seller at the library written in large print. My mother is still driving, climbing on top of ladders to clean. She is going from one project to another. I am not really amazed by her…I have lived with her energy all my life.

While my friend’s mothers are almost ten years older than my mother and were very active women themselves I still think my mother will go well into her eighties with an alert mind. Her daddy lived to be ninety-three and was still reading the newspaper and was very alert until his heart was worn out.

My mother and I are taking a trip together in a few days. We are flying to Florida. Once we arrive in Florida we will part ways for four days. I am going to visit two dear friends and mother is going to visit with relatives. She keeps saying the price for airline tickets are too high, then adds, “Well, this is a once in a life time thing”. As always she frets about the money and I am oblivious to the cost, I just want to go to Florida and have a good time.

I am so thankful that I have a mother that is aging well. She is a good example for me. I am sorry for my friends that are being the parents now to their parents. I can’t imagine my mother ever allowing me to parent her. After a telephone call to discuss the forth coming trip my mother asked if I was sure I could get us to the airport. I wanted to say, “No, mother I haven’t even given it any thought”. But as per norm for me I just said, “Yes, mother I have been studying the map and I have memorized it”. She just said that she would get my brother to print out a map for us…far be it from me to have any sense about traveling.