Six and Sassy

Content from Sincerely Sandy

My granddaughter is six years old! I remember the instant she was born and our lives havenít been the same since.

We had waited a very long time for this wonderful, precocious child. She had me from the first minute I saw her and after six years itís useless to say that I have changed my feelings for her.

She has brought me such joy, laughter that I canít imagine what I would do without her! I know that as she grows up I wonít be as important to her as I am now, but I will deal with as my grandmother did with us. I will keep loving her and enjoy watching her grow.

Unless you are a grandparent one just canít imagine the feelings you have for a grandchild. Of course, I dearly loved my children and still do. I just think having grandchildren gives me something to strive to be all I can be and they fill me with such hope for the future.

Yes, I said ďtheyĒ. We had four babies in three years! The six year old may have been the first and we were all so thrilled with her, but the others that came along are equally as precious. When I hear any of these children call me by my special name I just melt.

I thank God for my six and sassy little girl, especially on this her birthday. I also thank God that I have the other three and I appreciate so much their parents allowing me to be involved in their lives. I am blessed!